The trapeze coat is a timeless classic and often seen on the Hollywood screens in 1960.

trapeze coat

trapeze coat

The trapeze coat is a half or three quarter sleeve long in a wide A-line cut (empire cut). The coat has an extended lapel and it might have either one or more button or toggle closure depending on the style of the coat.

In terms of history the name has been made famous in 1958 by Yves Saint Laurent. He presented this coat style in his “Trapeze Line” which was actually the first collection YSL made for Dior.

The trapeze or A-line style was very popular during the 60s and 70s until it faded somewhat during the 80s. Nowadays you can of course wear the coat again especially if you are an inverted triangle.

The coat comes in so many different colors and styles and is suitable both for petite and plus size woman. ​

You can see a quick overview of how well the trapeze coat is suited for the different body tapes below. As you can see the coat it is best suited for an inverted triangle.

It can be worn by Apple or Pear body types even though there are better coats for those body shapes.

Hourglass and Rectangle body shapes should stay clear of the trapeze coat!

Apple rating 62
Hourglass rating 25
Inverted Triangle rating 100
Pear rating 62
Rectangle rating 25


Apple Rating for the Trapeze Coat

Wearing a Trapeze coat will show off some of the perks of having an apple-shaped body figure. The beautiful slender arms and amazing thin legs will be highlighted with wearing this Trapeze coat.

However, a Trapeze coat can also add additional weight to your body figure and make you lower-body look wider with more volume. I’m sure that’s something you rather avoid.

So overall this Trapeze coat is oke for you but not that perfect for if you want to get the illusion of a nice curvy body shape.

Unsure about your body shape? Just check with our body shape calculator or the body shape quiz!

Hourglass rating

A big no- go!! As a hourglass it’s smart to go for clothes that show of your nice feminine body figure. By choosing this coat to add to your closet you will be making a big mistake.

Why? Because this coat will hide all your perks and make your body look shapeless! You are blessed to have those nice curves, so why not enhance them with a coat that will flatter you?

Tip: A trapeze coat will add weight to places you don’t need extra attention, try a more fitted coat

trapeze coat for different body shapes

The trapeze coat worn on a model

Inverted Triangle rating

​​​​An ideal coat for you, as it adds width to the bottom and thus counterbalances your wide shoulders. Loose, unstructured jackets look great on you.

Opt for a length that is mid-hip or longer. Avoid high or closed necks, and top details such as breast pockets, trimming, epaulets and shoulder pads.

So I would say if you love the way this coat looks and you were planning on buying it, Go for it!! Your figure is exactly right for this coat.

Pear rating for a trapeze coat

Being a pear-shaped woman means you have a nice voluptuous lower body.

However, the Trapeze coat won’t show of your body in nice proportion which you should be a must in your list, since your lower-body has more volume than your upper-body.

One important thing you also might have already noticed is that the trapeze coat will also add additional volume to your lower-body. You can pull this look off, but it I would recommend a coat that has more waist definition to flatter your body figure.

Rectangle body type rating for trapeze coat

​​The best part of having a rectangle body type is that a lot of clothes will suit you well and you can basically wear almost anything.

Having said this however, a trapeze jacket will not really enhance your look as you might think. This coat will make you look a bit plane and without a real feminine silhouette.

Our recommendation is: try to go for a tailored jacket around the waist. This will give your waist more definition and make your figure look a bit more curvy. As an additional bonus it will give your body the attention it deserves.

We hope you found what you needed. Let us know if you think we should add anything here on how to wear a trapeze coat.