Travel wardrobe

This is how I travel..


Travel wardrobe, not so easy…

So usually when you travel you don’t really think of what looks good, but what is comfy. I find it hard to find the right travel outfit, when I’m about to hit the road. I had the same problem today, when I decided to go visit my folks in The Netherlands.

What is my travel wardrobe?

As you can see my pick was nice grey jeans that are slim fit and show of my perks and the belt creates great waist definition ( Even though you don’t need it). Usually I would say; don’t wear jeans when you have to travel a long way, but in my case it was only 4 hours. Jeans are perfect for an hourglass body, because they show off your perfect feminine body shape and don’t add any volume when you choose the right ones.

Check out the Vogue article about most wanted jeans!

 ‘Comfy wins when it comes down to traveling’

The top is nothing special, just a bit on the wide side which creates a bit more volume overall and covers your chest area. I wouldn’t say it does your perks justice, but it doesn’t hurt you either.  I love wide tops mostly because they are comfy and when it’s warm they are perfect as a travel wardrobe. When it comes down to traveling, common sense is the way to go.

I love blazers..

The blazer actually decreases the volume of the top and  creates a slimming illusion. A blazer is basically a must-have for  woman with an hourglass body. Why? because they look trendy and highlight your assets. Their are all kinds of blazers; Short, long etc. My blazer is a bit on the long side, which covers up my waist  area. However, keeping the blazer open compensates for that, by still showing your  nice body shapes.  I have to be honest I didn’t give this blazer much thought, I just loved it that’s all. It doesn’t hurt my body type, so why not buy it to complete my travel wardrobe.


Travel wardrobe, comfy

With a travel outfit, all-stars are a must..

What can I say; All-stars are just so damn comfy and I always wear them when I have to walk a lot or when I’m traveling. I’m sure everyone has their own set of comfy shoes. Furthermore a huge black handbag is always handy to throw in your food, make up and anything else you need.

Where to buy:

Blazer: Zara, Barcelona

Pants: Mango

Top: H&M

Also in Barcelona you can find an outlet: