Versace outlet stores can be found mainly in Europe. Worldwide there are Versace outlets in Japan, China, Singapore and the USA. Independent of your location you can get nice sales in the Versace online outlet.

Even though the number of Versace outlets is relatively small they are considered anchor brands in many outlet villages. Typical savings compared to high street boutiques are around 30%. For even better discounts visit a Versace online outlet during end of season or other special events!

All Versace outlet stores we have in our system can be found in the map below. Please use the city or country field to refine the search based on your desired location. In case you are interested in more brands you can browse all 20000+ outlets in the linked page.

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Versace online outlet

Versace online outlet shop with sales section.

You can see a list of the outlets by region below. Independent of you location you can get some nice discounts in the Versace online outlet. The discounts range between 30 and 50%, most of the items available are from the Versus brand.

At the moment the online shop is available in the following countries:

  • USA
  • UK
  • Italy
  • Germany / Austria
  • France
  • Spain
  • Netherlands
  • Belgium

Ground shipping is free, next day shipping adds 35$ to the order. Please note that all items purchased in the Versace online outlet can be returned withing 30 days. Unlike other competitors sales items are not exempt from this.

Versace online outlet Japan, China, Singapore

Asia is a very important market for Versace. There are Versace outlet stores in Japan, China and Malaysia / Singapore.

Name address address 2 city state zip country
Versace outlet Osaka:
Kobe-Sanda Premium Outlets
7 Chome-3 Kozudai Kobe 651-1515 Japan
Versace outlet Singapore:
Johor Premium Outlets
Jalan Premium Outlets Indahpura 81000 Malaysia
Versace outlet China:
Florentia Village
Jingjin Luxury Designer Outlet Qianjin Road Wuqing Tianjin China

Some comments to the overall prices in Asia, they are well above the prices in Europe or the US. Based on our experience even a 30% dicount end of season item (in a normal store in Asia) is still more expensive than the same item without discount in Europe. If you go to one of the European / American outlets the savings are even larger.

As a bottom line in case you have any travels planned to either Europe or the states you should try and postpone shopping for Versace items to benefit from the much better prices there compared to Asia.

Versace outlet USA

There are three outlets in the United States. This covers New York, Florida and California. The Versace outlet in New York is in the Woodbury Premium outlets. For Florida / Miami refer to out guide about the Sawgrass Mall. Last but not least in California the outlet is part of the Desert Hills Premium outlet.

In case you are in New York you can also check out the Flagship store at 645 Fifth Avenue.

Name address address 2 city state zip country
Versace in California:
Desert Hills Premium Outlet
Desert Hills Premium Outlet 48400 Seminole Drive Cabazon CA 92230 USA
Versace in Florida:
Sawgrass Mills
12801 W Sunrise Blvd Sunrise FL 33323 USA
Versace outlet New York:
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
Woodbury Common Premium Outlets 498 Red Apple Court Central Valley NY 10917 USA



Versace outlet shopping result.

Versace outlet Europe

Most of the Versace outlet stores in Europe are in Italy and Germany.  Metropolitan regions with a Versace outlet close by include Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Frankfurt, London and Munich. As with many Italian brands north Italy is one of the best spots to shop in Versace outlets.

The area between Milan in the south and Frankfurt in the north offers 7 Versace outlets within a few hours by car. As the corporate headquarter of Versace is in Milan it is no surprise that this is a prime spot for outlet shopping as well.  Apart from the outlets there are also normal shops including a flagship store in Milan.

A list of the Versace outlets in Europe can be found in the table below:

Name address address 2 city state zip country
Versace @ Maasmechelen Village Zetellaan 100 Maasmechelen 3630 Belgium
Versace @ La Vallee Village 3 Cours de la Garonne Serris 77700 France
Versace @ Usines Center Paris 134- avenue de la Plaine de France Zone industrielle Paris Nord 2 GONESSE 95500 France
Versace @ Ingolstadt Village Otto-Hahn-Strasse Ingolstadt 85055 Germany
Versace @ Wertheim Village Almosenberg Wertheim 97877 Germany
Versace @ Zweibrucken Londoner Bogen 10-90 Zweibrucken 66482 Germany
Versace outlet Greece:
Building Block E71 Yalou 19004 Greece
Versace @ Fidenza Village Via San Michele Campagna Localit Fidenza 43036 Italy
Versace @ NOVENTA DI PIAVE DESIGNER OUTLET Via Marco Polo 1 Noventa di Piave (VE) 30020 Italy
Versace @ SERRAVALLE DESIGNER OUTLET Via della Moda 1 Serravalle Scrivia (AL) 15069 Italy
Versace outlet Lisbon:
Freeport Outlet
Avenida Euro 2004 Alcochete 2890-154 Portugal
Versace @ La Roca Village s/n Santa Agn 8430 Spain
Versace @ Las Rozas Village C/ Juan Ram Las Rozas 28232 Spain
Versace @ FoxTown Mendrisio Via A. Maspoli 18 Mendrisio 6850 Switzerland
Versace @ Bicester Village 50 Pingle Drive Bicester Oxfordshire 0X26 6WD United Kingdom


Please let us know about your experiences using either the Versace online outlet or the "normal" Versace outlet stores. In case we missed any store in this article we can of course add it to the list.

Enjoy your shopping!