10 wardrobe essentials apple body shape

Empire line waists look great: they show off your bust and hide your tummy.

Women exist in all shapes and colors. Just as not every woman is the same, neither should their wardrobe. If you take into account your color and your body type you can find out what colors and styles suit you best.

Mostly you will find articles telling women what to buy regardless of their body shape or seasonal color. As a result, women usually get to buy what they believe every woman can wear: a crisp white shirt, a pencil skirt, etc.

Some of those clothes might look good on you; chances are some of them do not look so great. Your body shape influences which clothing shapes look good on you.

Though there are indeed some wardrobe essentials that look great on every woman: a trench coat that is belted at the waist, an A line skirt – knee length, sheath dress with an empire waistline or a wrap dress (the most versatile are knee length dresses, without pattern or just a small pattern. If you find one of these items, do not hesitate to add them to your wardrobe; just make sure you buy them in the right color.

How do find the right color?

Always take into account the effects of dark as well as light and bright colors. Light and bright colors add volume and bring the attention to that area. Dark colors look slimmer in comparison.

wardrobe essentials for apple body shape

With an apple body shape, either wear light and bright bottoms – or wear your top and trousers / skirt in one color. Dresses are a perfect way to do just that!

If you have a pear shaped body, you will usually want to downplay your more voluminous bottom half (unless you want to emphasize your curves like Nicki Minaj sometimes does). That means you should buy your trousers and skirts in darker colors in case you want to make your hips look smaller in comparison to your top half. Your shirts and jackets that are no longer than your waist should always be in a light or bright color.

For inverted triangles it is the other way round: They are top heavy, thus they should wear dark colors for short jackets and tops and buy their skirts and trousers in light and bright colors. Apple shaped women can either use the same principles as inverted triangles (top: dark, bottom: light) or they dress in one color overall to appear leaner overall.
Rectangles and hourglass shaped women are neither top nor bottom heavy; unless they want to emphasize a certain part of their body, they do not need to use colors to achieve more balance. Though it helps for anybody to know the slimming effect of dark and the volumizing effect of bright and light colors – you might throw your body visually out of balance without knowing it. In case you want to look slimmer, it is also great to know that wearing the same color on your top and bottom makes you look leaner overall. Make the effect even bigger with wearing shoes in the same color as your outfit – with long trousers or a long skirt.  With shorter trousers or a short skirt – means: your ankles are not covered – flats or even better pumps in nude are better to make your legs look longer.

10 great wardrobe essentials just for apple body shapes

With an apple body shape, you probably have beautiful legs and arms. Make sure to show these off while balancing your midriff. With these basic items you can build the foundation of a great apple shaped woman’s wardrobe. These go-to pieces you can combine with most of the other items you already have in your closet.

  1. Bra that supports and lifts
  2. Trouser jeans (wide-leg or boot-cut dark denim with a trouser look and design)
  3. Colorful medium heel pumps
  4. Single-breasted structured and tailored jacket with one or two buttons  and V-shaped lapels that ends above your hips
  5. Sheath dress in a firm fabric
  6. Swing top
  7. Knee-length structured pencil skirt
  8. Form-fitting top in a stiff fabric
  9. Straight leg pants with a flat front
  10. Belted trench-coat with epaulets
10 wardrobe essentials for apple body shapes summer type

Draw attention to your shapely legs with colorful heels.

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What light or dark colors should you wear with an apple body type?

What colors you should wear does not only depend on your body type and the effect you want to create (light and bright equals more volume, dark equals less volume). You also need to bear in mind your personal colors to find the right clothes and accessories.

  • Spring color types should dress warm and bright colors.
  • Summer types best dress in cool and medium colors.
  • Autumn color ladies are fabulous in warm and muted colors.
  • Winter color girls should dress in cool and dark colors.
10 wardrobe essentials for apple body shapes summer type

Wonder which dark and light color you should wear? Take our seasonal color test to find out if you are a spring, summer, autumn or winter.

If in doubt, buy colors that look beautiful on most women. Great light tones are off white, stone and mellow rose, no matter what your seasonal color. A great universal bright color is a classic true red. Dark colors that look good on almost everybody are teal, navy, eggplant and charcoal.