Just as not all women are built equal, neither should all wardrobes be equal. Every woman should consider her personal colors and her body shape to know what colors and styles suit her best.

With an inverted triangle body shape, you probably have a slim lower body. Show off your beautiful legs and balance your wider shoulders.  These essential clothes and shoes that should not be missing in any inverted triangle lady’s wardrobe:

Wardrobe essentials for the inverted triangle

  1. Light or bright pair of trousers with front pleats
  2. Distressed jacket in a dark color
  3. Kimono shirt in a dark color
  4. Super comfortable slouch knee boots
  5. Peplum skirt
  6. Soft and drapey wrap cardigan in a dark color
  7. Short one-shoulder or tunic dress to show killer legs
  8. Waterfall color shirt in a dark color
  9. Pair of straight jeans in light or bright color
  10. Pair of chunky heel shoes


10 wardrobe essentials every inverted triangle woman should own

Get yourself a Kimono shirt in a dark color like blue, dark green, eggplant, charcoal or even black.

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What light or dark colors should you wear as an inverted triangle?

You should wear dark colors on your upper body and light or bright on your lower body. This does not suggest you need to wear black on top all the time. Some people should rather avoid black clothes altogether. This really depends on your personal colors.

Spring color types dress their best in warm and bright colors, summer in cool sun-struck colors, autumn should go for warm and muted and winter should dress in cool dark colors.

10 wardrobe essentials inverted triangle woman

Your best dark, llight and bright colors depend on your seasonal color. A winter for example can wear bright and cool colors as well as stark white and black.