Not every woman has the same figure, so not every woman should have the same basics in her closet. Take into account your body type as well as your color type to determine what colors and styles suit you best.

With your rectangle body shape, you have all the choices: go for straight lines or create curves with ruffles, pleats, embellishments and voluminous cuts. Both suit you well. Here are some essentials for a rectangles to start building a foundation of a great wardrobe. They are go-to pieces you can mix with most of the items you already have in your wardrobe or still plan to buy.

10 wardrobe essentials for rectangle shaped women

  1. Button down shirt
  2. Mid-size belt
  3. Ballerina flats
  4. Skirt with box pleats
  5. Mid-rise pants with pleats
  6. Blouson-style blouse
  7. Camisole to layer underneath
  8. Pair of shorts with pleats, ruffles or embellishments
  9. Knit-tube or dropped waist dress
  10. Double breasted jacket


10 wardrobe essentials you should own as a rectangle

Get yourself a button down shirt. White or off white is a timeless staple for a rectangle. Brown suede is a great version for autumn types!

Details description off all body types.

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What light or dark colors should you wear as a rectangle?

What colors you should wear does not only depend on your body type and the effect you want to create (light and bright equals more volume, dark equals less volume). You also need to bear in mind your personal colors to find the right clothes and accessories.

Spring color types should dress warm and bright colors.
Summer types best dress in cool and medium colors.
Autumn color ladies are fabulous in warm and muted colors.
Winter color girls should dress in cool colors. They can usually wear a lot of contrast, e.g. white and black.

10 wardrobe essentials you should own as rectangle

Can you wear white or should you rather go for a softer white like eggshell or beige? Find out with the quiz on seasonal colors.