Whatever season you are in, wearing you hair color will always make you look put together.
As described in the foundations of color analysis, you do not work with white canvas. You already have your skin, hair and eye color (tips on how to integrate your hair color in your wardrobe here!) to start from. If you wear your hair color, you are not adding a new color to your look – it is already on you.

If you wear your hair color, you connect your outfit with you!

There are different possibilities to do that:

1. Wear your hair color in your shoes and / or handbag


Using your hair color for outfits

You will look great using your seasonal colors in an outfit. To make it look more connected with you, wear your hair color in shoes and handbag.

Using your hair color makes an outfit look put together

Monochromatic looks are easy to combine and a safe bet. As the woman on this picture is a summer type, the colors are great and look made for her.
Repeating the hair color in the shoes and handbag links the outfit even more to her.

Metallics always work, so does your hair color

If you are not sure which colors to combine with your outfit or you just don’t have anything in that color, combine metallic. Or wear your hair color…

2. Wear your hair color in accessories and jewelry


Wear accessories in your hair color


A great alternative for shoes and handbags is to accessorize your outfit in your hair color. If it is your watch, bracelet, necklace, scarf, belt, ring or any other piece of jewelry or accessory – if you wear it in your hair color, you can create that link to your personal colors.


3. Wear a piece of clothing in your hair color


Use your hair color for garments

To link an outfit with you, you can also wear a piece of clothing in your hair color. Make it something you do not take off – your shirt, trousers or skirt. A jacket in your hair color is great as well and will surely look gorgeous on you. But if it is the only piece in your hair color that you wear, you will look disconnected as soon as you take it off.


4. Wear a print that contains your hair Color


Wear your hair color in prints


Both dresses are cute, but the second one repeats has print that repeats the hair color. As a result, the outfit looks more connected with the woman. You can wear your hair color in a print in your scarf, trousers, shirts, jackets,… Also watch out for gradients in clothes that contain your hair color, embellishments, decorations, pockets, etc.

Now you are hopefully convinced that using your hair color is a great tool to connect your clothes to your personal coloring. Any doubts left? Wondering if you have to wear the same color for the rest of your life and get bored just by the thought of it?


Wear your hair color – in different shades

Look at your hair in a new way. If you look at it closely, it does not only have one color, it has many. The strands are probably darker, the ends sun kissed and lighter, maybe also more yellowish or reddish. The darker shadows look greyish.
Of course, the effect is more striking the closer you keep with the main shade of your hair color. Varying helps you from getting bored with your choices.


Wear your hair color - in different shades