Categorizations always fail to take into account the whole person. They are a crude overview only taking into account part of a person.


Categorize people?

Sometimes even personality tests contradict themselves (as they have a differing degree of detail and approach). Still you can gain a lot through the knowledge about yourself through those tests.


Categorizing bodies..

When we categorize bodies, a lot of the beauty and detail gets lost. Still, categorizations have its value.

Our brain categorizes all the time: Is that a good car or a bad car? Is that person in front of me a liberal or conservative, a dog or cat lover, etc.? Of course ALWAYS a lot of detail gets lost – but it makes our life easier. Our brain would be overwhelmed by always taking into account all the details of a situation/person.

So we wanted to make a categorization that is as helpful as possible: as acute as possible, as rough as necessary. This is how we came to the 5 body types.


More details for categorizations

You can find a more detailed categorization here:–you.html

Trinny and Susannah put a tremendous amount of insight and work into this. And it certainly it offers a lot of insights. When out there shopping, these are just too many – details for 12 different types seem just too many to remember.


The five body types

We use the following five types:

Apple body shape

Pear body shape

Hourglass body shape

Inverted triangle body shape

Rectangle body shape