Yellow knitted gaiters

Yellow knitted gaiters

These yellow knitted gaiters are a souvenir from Kathmandu, Nepal. I had them for some months now and today is the first time that I am wearing them. I do not know if they are meant for the lower legs or for the arms, I guess I will try both. Today is try 1: lower leg, wearing the yellow knitwear.

Knitted gaiters – cute, not overly warm

It is pretty cold outside, so I do not only wear tights, but also socks. You cannot see the line between the two because of the yellow knitted gaiters.

The knitted gaiters do not provide too much extra warmth; at least I do not notice a difference. I did get compliments from the owner of the bed and breakfast place we stayed at though.

 Yellow knitted gaiters and shoes

These gaiters are a souvenir from Kathmandu

Yellow knitted gaiters and yellow sweater

This is also the first time I wear the yellow ChloƩ Sweater.

What I wear

  • Yellow sweater: ChloĆ©, bought second hand
  • Yellow knitted gaiters: handmade, bought in Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Brown skirt: Jean Paul Gaultier, bought second hand
  • Brown tights: bought in Charlotte, USA
  • Blue necklace: Heidi Dauss, bought at the Tanger Outlet near Charleston, USA
Yellow knitted gaiters from nepal

You buy it, you gotta try it…

Yellow knitted gaiters wool

..otherwise it ends up in the closet

Yellow knitted gaiters and coat

Yellow knitted gaiters and coat

About my pear shaped 365 style challenge

I have been shopping my closet for 85 days now! If you like my article on yellow knitted gaiters, you can see more articles of my pear shaped 365 style challenge here!

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heidi dauss necklace

The necklace is a souvenir I just bought for myself here in the US

by Verena Valeria

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